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Professional materials
for nail extension and design
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Professional materials
for nail extension and design


Hypoallergenic products

Environmental friendliness

Eco-certificate verify that production doesn’t hurt environment.

Highest quality

Practicing masters and sellers have already appreciated the quality of our materials.

Adequate price

Prices are not overpriced, since with us you do not depend on the dollar exchange rate.

Organic Gel Polish Collection

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About the brand

TM Opzia is a brand created for allergy sufferers with the participation of nail service masters.

Our own factory placed in Russia, Voronezh, where for 9 years we have been producing products of the highest quality for nail service masters and home users. Our brand is represented in many cities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, our products are ordered to foreign countries.

Due to the special recipe for the production of products, thousands of allergy sufferers have forgotten what an allergy to materials is, among them are many nail service masters who were able to continue doing what they love using the materials of TM Opzia.

Nail service masters compare TM Opzia products with expensive foreign counterparts and choose our materials: the price-quality ratio exceeds all expectations.

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